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Some interesting aspects about Taj Mahal

taj-mahal2.jpgTo complete his wife’s desire to perfection, Shahjahan displayed excellent administrative skills. It indeed reflects in the architecture of Taj Mahal. History suggests that Shahjahan carefully selected each and every aspect while constructing Taj Mahal. It is evident in treasures used for the construction of Taj Mahal.  Marble, jasper, carnelian, turquoise, jade, emeralds, and crystal are kinds of stones include in the construction of Taj Mahal. All these aspects make Taj Mahal one of the most astonishing monuments in India. Now Taj Mahal Tours are one of the most popular travel packages in India.

Nearby Taj Mahal, Shahjahan built a small town under the title of Mumtazabad. Artisans and other laborers who came to Agra for the construction of Taj Mahal stayed in this town for two years. Artists from different regions of the world stayed here. Architects who involved in the construction of Taj Mahal came from Baghdad and Turkey. People who fashioned gardens came from Kashmir; those who carved stones came from Bukhara. The dome of Taj Mahal is completely built out of bricks. It took long years of toil to construct the dome. It took even more time to fashion the dome than to build the entire structure.

After the completion of Taj Mahal, artisans cleaned the city in a day. Entire town was covered with dismantled bricks, and it demanded long days of toil. Shahjahan ordered that those who clean the town can take away bricks with them; hence the city got cleaned in a day. According to historians, Shahjahan had a plan of constructing another Taj Mahal with black marble just opposite to the Taj Mahal. All these aspects add to the popularity of Taj Mahal Tour.

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