Plan Your Trip to Taj Mahal During Festive Season (Raksha Bandhan)

India is famous for various kinds of fair and festivals, which celebrated round the year. Enjoy the real happiness to celebrate different colorful festivals. Festivals are not just bringing a positive experience, but also appropriate to make various cultural activities that interact everyone with love.


Every part of the nation celebrates the seasonal festivals with full of joy and prayers. In Indian festival the every age group people enjoy with full of enthusiasm. Whole family members taking part to attend as a grand festivity.

Here we are discussing about the most famous Indian festival Raksha Bandhan. This festival is showing the divine bond of love between brother and sister. This festival invites all brothers to secure their sisters. Every sister ties a thread of love (Rakhi) to her brother and get a promise of protection.

This festival celebrated in the month of July or August in Shravan Purnima (Full Moon night in Shravan according to the Hindu calendar). During this time you can make your trip with any famous tour package of India. Taj Mahal Tour is not a bad idea, you can visit Taj and go to Mathura and Vrindavan where you can enjoy the most, during this festival. In these places the entire month of Shravan celebrated as a festival.

Even in the modern era the traditions and customs are the same with few updates. There are many other ways to express the love and emotions of every brother and sister. If you interested to experience this traditional event, then come to India during the feast season.


About Mr. Rajeev Chauhan

Divino Indian Memoirz Tours Pvt. Ltd. committed to provide tourism services in the Indian sub continent, by offering excellent service as per client's requirements. We believe in an established philosophy that represents India’s best hospitality ethics i.e. “Atithi Devo Bhawah” (Guest is the God).

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